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A new venture from Los Angeles-based K2 Restaurants, SOCIALEATS is a space where modern cuisine meets a one-of-a-kind community experience, all built upon a foundation of stellar culinary concepts.

SOCIALEATS is at the forefront of the food scene with a lineup ranging from globally recognized chefs to local rising stars.

This is the food culture the modern epicurean deserves.


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K2 Restaurants blends the whimsical, the curious, and the obsessive to incubate and operate restaurants that make us proud. We draft a new chapter with each unique concept, telling the tales of the chef, the city and the inspiration that align to create unforgettable moments.  

What makes our story different? We have a greater vision that drives us and values that make us unstoppable.  We believe in being the best partner and making the best decisions for the business, not for the individual. We pride ourselves in giving opportunity, in giving back to the community, and in believing in something bigger than oneself.

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